Krion R&D Cryosaunas

KRION produce and develop high quality and secure cryosaunas.

Cryosauna is the most efficient equipment to work wonders for the skin, boost your immune response, ease chronic pain, heal nerve damage and improve sporting performance.

Cryosauna KRION offers a wide range of health benefits. Just in 2-3 min session it restores natural balance, stimulates metabolism and immune system and speeds up the recovery. It is an effective form of pain relief, particularly for chronic degenerative conditions. The result of WBC can be seen in 5-10 min after the session and lasts no less than 6 hours.

Major advantages:

  • Working efficiency
  • Cryosauna Krion gives you more power, more procedures while at the same time it offers comfort and efficiency of cryotherapy procedure for patient
  • Secure, requires no specific training to use it
  • Low electricity consumption, the chamber operates from household network
  • Minimum time for pre-using preparation, preparation time (2-10 min according to product type)
  • Minimum location area
  • Minimum requirements for staff technical qualification

With minimum dimensions and electrical power, KRION can produce 15 courses of treatment per hour and is in 8 times more effective than similar copies.

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