Technical data


  • Maximum WBC results for the body and optimal LN2 consumption.
  • Fast pre-cooling time. From 1 to 5 minutes only depending on the model. Start sessions without wasting your time.
  • Avoid obligatory dryings. Make an optimal choice depending upon your business schedule and budget.

The essential components of the cryosauna are as follows:

  • a Gas preparation block for cooling gas with a Vapor Generator
  • a Visitor Cabin

The cabin is designed to provide contact between the visitor’s skin and the low-temperature gas. Structurally, the cabin has a cylindrical shape with an insulated door. The visitor has easy access and exit to and from the сabin.

Cooling of the vapour and air mixture down to -195 …-130°C (-200… -320°F) is carried out by means of cryoagent evaporation.

The Vapor Generator (VG) provides cooling, suppling, and subsequent recirculation of cryoagent through the cabin. The primary VG component is the short-cycle contact heat exchanger which serves for feeding the liquid nitrogen vapour and air mixture into the cabin and its subsequent evacuation for partial recirculation and extraction to the ventilation system of the building. Cooled gas is supplied from the Vapor Generator into the cabin through the inlet duct and evacuated from the cabin through the outlet duct for partial recirculation.

The cabin exterior is finished with durable moisture-resistant materials available in various options. The interior of the cabin is upholstered with fabric capable of withstanding low temperatures.

Liquid Nitrogen is supplied from a cryogenic tank at 22psi / 1,5 bars operating pressure. The tank stands aside from the cryosauna and is connected to cryosauna by a cryogenic hose of 1m – 2m (40″ – 80″) in length.

Another solution, KRIONs operating from the Dewar vessels (low capacity vessels keeping LN without pressure).

Basic parameters of cryosaunas Krion

Overall dimensions
Cryosauna length 250 cm ( 98″ )
Cryosauna height 220 cm ( 87″ )
Cryosauna width with the open door 160 cm ( 63″ )
Weight 350 kg ( 770 lbs)
Operational area 4 sq. m ( 43 sq ft)
Power consumption max 1,5 kW
Average Liquid Nitrogen consumption 1,5 kg/min
Pre-cooling from 1 to 5 minutes
Operational temperature -130°C…-196°C ( 200°F — 320°F )


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