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None of other types of equipment for Whole Body Cryotherapy provide with the same efficacy to organism as cryosauna does.

KRION is the company that created the original technology for cryosauna operation.

From the very beginning KRION has its own R&D department.
All our engineers have degrees in cryogenic sciences.

It took us long to explore, create and complete a cryosauna. We were fond of what we have been doing. Finally our original ideas, technology, and forms allowed us to introduce the cryosaunas that continue to be the best on the World markets.

By long and close collaboration with our business partners and medical establishments, we introduced a range of models that cover the demands in various business fields.

Some of KRION cryosaunas key features:

  • The temperature regime proven by our mathematical calculation and long time practical results
  • Constant temperature maintenance in a cabin by the help of our own temperature sensors
  • Necessary gas density flow taking exact amount of the heat to cool down only the upper layers of skin
  • Certain heat exchanger parameters providing high efficiency
  • Precise settings during the production cycle proved by final tests
  • Attention to every detail of each unit

All these facts but not only make our solutions to be the best on the markets.

Write or call us to find out which model will fit your needs.

KRION quickly reacts to any market demand.

We were the first to produce a mobile cryosauna.
We were the first to produce an enlarged capacity cryosauna.
We are the first to use the cryosaunas under open air.

KRION engineers are going ahead with new technological ideas.
We are proud that people and business have benefits using KRION solutions.

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