Our goal when we started the investigations in 1986 was the same as it is today: to provide people with the effective instrument supporting their good health conditions for reaching a high level of their personal well-being.

Our idea was to create an effective, efficient, affordable, and individual WBC device as none of such kind existed at that time.

  • Picture 1/1: Cryosauna KRION operates at extremely cold temperatures (from -130°C to -190°C; -166 F to -310 F)

The founder of KRION, professor Alexander Baranov and his team from the ITMO University, worked over eight years estimating, testing the models. Finally, the first in the World cryosaunas were installed in two hospitals in Russia. From the very beginning they showed the positive results with arthritis patients and cryotherapy became a regular course in that facilities (5-10 patients a day).

The serial production started in 1998.

In 1999 the clinical research was performed in several hospitals of Saint Petersburg.

In 2000 our product was registered in the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation under official name “Aerocryotherapeutical complex for hypothermic stimulation and thermoregulation system training KAEKT-01 “KRION”.

In those years, KRION introduced cryosaunas to the International markets. Cryosauna started its way across the World.

KRION Cryosauna has been on market for more than 20 years now.

Time proved our approach. The maximum WBC results are achievable at -130C temperature and by strict compliance to the proper construction parameters and Liquid Nitrogen consumption.

KRION and the ITMO National Research University are organizing the Annual cryotherapy conferences in St-Petersburg since 2008.

There are several medical and technical dissertations executed on KRIONs.

Thus, we are the primary source of information and proven experience for you in this Industry.

Today we work with leading sports facilities and fitness centers, spa and beauty salons, medical rehabilitation centers on all continents.

In 2018 the English and Japanese football teams used KRIONs during the World Football Cup.

We are glad to provide people’s well-being together with you.