Krion Premium

KRION Premium

Krion Premium provides exactly the same functionality as Standard and has advanced technological improvements that let you organize up to 100 procedures a day.

Krion Premium is designed for SMBs that require to organize regular cryotherapeutic procedures for  large group of patients, targeting

  • Major medical centers and hospitals
  • Beauty salons and SPA-centers with increasing customer flow
  • Sports teams focused on maximum result and interested in accelerated rehabilitation

Krion Premium expands technological specifications of Standard Edition.

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  • Decreased liquid nitrogen use per procedure (30% +, economy)
  • Significantly decreased cryosauna maintenance time (30%+, economy)
  • Increased period of continuous work in the procedural mode – up to 8 hours
  • Decreased preparation time before procedure – only 2 minutes
  • Automatic procedure’s counter
  • Ability to place cryosauna in a mobile medical station (bus/truck / mobile unit), portable
  • More exterior designs: Black, White or Purple Finish options
  • 50-100 procedures a day
  • Remote control
  • Heat exchanger controlled by temperature
  • Nitrogen supply controlled by temperature
  • Increased humidity proof
  • Quick start system
  • Fast drying system, 30 min
  • Patients counter
  • Direct connection of a large capacity vessel
  • Heating system
  • Self-ventilation system
  • Patient lift capacity of up to 350 kg.

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