Cryosauna Krion Pro


Krion Pro is a cryosauna with the most modern technologies and innovations in the field of cryotherapy.

Forceful, comfort and reliable.

Krion Pro Benefits:

  • More effective: provides significant value of nitrogen vapor influence on every square centimeter of patient’s body
  • More comfort: provides higher level of comfort for patient and cryosauna operator during the session
  • More reliable: represents the reliability and design standard for cryosaunas of future generations

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Krion Pro expands technological features of Standard and Premium, including the following improvements:

  • New aerodynamic form of the internal surface of patient’s cabin that helps to get better results from a cryotherapeutic procedure
  • Every cryotherapeutic procedure is under control of modern electronics with the powerful CPU by Intel
  • Operates automatically and do not require constant monitoring or operator presence: Smart start system
  • Patient’s height increased to 210 cm and patient’s lift capacity of up to 350 kg.
  • Exclusive exterior and interior designs
  • Exclusive European materials with the highest level of reliability: Leather  Finish options
  • 19′ LCD monitor with automatic output of all information about cryosauna’s work
  • High-class video and audio guiding installed
  • 100 Procedures a day with an automated Patients counter
  • Nitrogen supply controlled by temperature
  • Heat exchanger controlled by temperature
  • Remote control
  • Self- ventilation system
  • Heating system
  • Direct connection of a large capacity vessel
  • Accelerated drying system
  • Cryostatting mode
  • High-performance patients cabin
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Humidity sensor (hygrometer)
  • Automatic drying control
  • Increased humidity proof

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