Mobile unit

The mobile unit is the right way to organize

  • sessions for sports clubs 
  • sessions during sporting events
  • participation at exhibitions
  • coverage of a large geographic area
  • presentation to potential customers

The Krion Mobile unit is manufactured based on the common KRION range, and it provides proven results.

Provide sessions anywhere!
KRION Mobile is a versatile solution.
Disassemble the unit and install it in another location whenever you wish.

The mobile cryosauna weighs about 370 kg.
The vehicle’s interior should be 250+ cm high.
The cryogenic tanks may be located inside the truck or in a separate carriage behind it.

Different cases – different solutions.
The Mobile unit can be installed in a bus. And so, sports federations and agencies added cryotherapy treatments to the mobile units at large international sporting events like 2013 World Universiade in Kazan, Tour de France.

Contact us to work out the best solution for your needs.



We had the idea to design a cryosauna for a truck and create a mobile unit from the very beginning.
It was a private order from a Latvian businessman that kicked off the project. In spring 2003, Krion R&D developed and presented the first mobile cryosauna.

Our customer from Riga planned to use it for self-treatment and to promote whole body cryotherapy.

Mobile construction, the specific setup mode and maintenance required the cryosauna to be modified. Krion specialists strengthened the cryosauna’s bearing and frame constructions and developed types of fasteners for the bottom of the body. As a mounting body, the customer provided a truck that had been used for motor racing.

The automotive body consisted of two parts: a dwelling unit and a bike transportation/repair unit. The mobile cryosauna was installed in the repair unit, while the dwelling part was redesigned for patients as a locker room. Cryotherapy sessions were performed when stationary, as the cabin was connected to an electrical network.

Krion Moble has low power consumption.
Adding a generator to increase the electrical autonomy of the complex was suggested. However, in practice the complex is used in stationary mode and there is always the possibility of connecting to electricity.

That was the first cryotherapeutic parlor of such type in the world.
The “cabin on wheels“ traveled 2,000 km from Riga, Latvia to Krakow, Poland. During the journey in 2004, the mobile unit demonstrated its efficiency and reliability in different road conditions.


  • Picture 1/13: Krion supplies private and team mobile units.
  • Picture 2/13: The Federal Medical and Biological Agency’s mobile medical units.
  • Picture 3/13: These unique systems were used to medically assist Russian athletes at the 27th World Summer Universiade in Kazan and 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.
  • Picture 4/13: AG2R LA MONDIALE .Tour de France 2011
  • Picture 5/13: AG2R LA MONDIALE .Tour de France 2011
  • Picture 6/13: KRION Premium
  • Picture 7/13: KRION Premium
  • Picture 8/13: KRION Premium
  • Picture 9/13: KRION Premium
  • Picture 10/13: KRION Pro
  • Picture 11/13: KRION Standard
  • Picture 12/13: KRION Standard
  • Picture 13/13: KRION Standard

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