Technical data

Scientific achievements analysis allowed defining the mechanism of stimulating effect on human body. Cryogenic equipment produced according to the modern idea of medical effect of lower temperatures provides high positive results of low temperatures and minimum discomfort of procedure.

1 – Cabin of patient
2 – The mobile floor of cabin (hoist)
3 – Door of cabin
4 – Pump for pumping of liquid nitrogen
5 – DPU – control panel
Cabin of patient

The cabin of patient is intended for organizing the direct contact of the skin of patient with the low-temperature gas. Structurally cabin is the cylindrical heat-insulated volume with the door for entrance and output of patient, supplied with channels for the flow of gas-, heat-transfer agent.

Cabins are carried out with the left and right (specular) arrangement of doors.
External decorative coating of cabin, plastic, and other component parts of the installation like moisture-proof DSP. The internal decorative coating of cabin, cloth, maintains a temperature differential in 150°C.
The upper part of the cabin is reported with the channel of the outlet of the cavity flow and, through three-way valve, with the line of the evacuation of the finished heat-transfer agent.

Device of gas production

Arrangement of gas production (gas generator) ensures supply and regeneration of the circulating through the cabin gas- heat-transfer agent, and also its finishing evacuation (emptying of cabin).
Into the composition of gas generator enters the short-cycle contact heat exchanger, which ensures supply into the cabin of the patient of conditional heat-transfer agent. The preparation of heat-transfer agent (cooling down to the temperature 120-150 C ) is ensured due to the evaporation of cryoagent (liquid nitrogen).


Pump for liquid nitrogen is intended for the storage, the accumulation and the batching of liquid nitrogen into the device of gas production.
Inside the housing is located it cut off for the cryogenic vessel, that is adaptation for its centering and control of the level of nitrogen.

Cryogenic vessel

Cryogenic vessel (Dewar) is intended for storage and servicing of complex with liquid nitrogen. One vessel enter into the composition of complex. Liquid nitrogen is the liquid, which boils up at a temperature of -196 °C; therefore in the course of time it boils away due to the heat supply from the environment.
The losses of nitrogen during the storage in the vessel are approximately 0,4 kg.

Fundamental advantages of cryosauna Premium :

  • Nitrogen supply system according to temperature
  • Noise-free lift for patient with increased weight-lifting capacity
  • Accelerated drying mode
  • Manual system of preservation of basic heat exchanger

1. Nitrogen supply system according to the temperature decreases nitrogen consumption per procedure and turn time to cryosauna mode. It creates technical ability for operation of large volume vessels and tanks, which is especially important for establishments conducting large amount of procedures. And this system, because of more precise settings makes the procedure more comfortable for patient.

2. New unique system of tackles is developed for a patient lift, which in combination with using of extra strong ropes increases weight-lifting capacity to 350 kg. and ensures noise-free operation (work). Using of ropes guarantees trouble-free lift work at cryogenic temperatures and increases three times more life of mechanism, in comparison to standard lift with mechanical screw transmission.

3. Availability of constant temperature heating elements (tens) ensures thawing of heat exchanger for complete fire safety. So, necessary drying time for cryosauna, compared with basic configuration decreased (six times), as there is no need to spend an hour for thawing of cryosauna and drying takes only 30 min.

4. Manual preservation system of basic heat exchanger allows to block supply and recycle air (gas) streams pipes for the period of rest between procedures, which prevents penetration of extra moisture inside of heat exchanger. This also increases cryosauna working time without break for thawing and drying to 3 hours and significantly reduces nitrogen consumption for re-cooling after the break between the procedures.

Cryosauna KRION consists of 5 basic blocks which significantly simplifies cryosauna’s transportation and installation.

Basic parameters of cryosauna Krion

Overall dimensions
Cryosauna length 2,45 m
Cryosauna height 2,20 m
Cryosauna width with the open door 1,60 m
Weight 550kg
Operational area 4 m
Energyinput max 1,5 kW
Nitrogen consumption not more than 1,5 kg/min
Preparation period max 5 min
Warm-up period 0,5 minutes max
Operational temperature 130°-190°C


Mobile unit

The effect of whole body cryotherapy procedure made cryosauna Krion extremely popular in sports medicine all around the world.

Cryotherapy treatment ensures:

  • Quick and long-term anesthetization of pain of any origin
  • Take off the joint stiffness
  • Stimulates the endorphins outburst
  • Raises the coverlet temperature up to 4°- 5° C
  • Stimulates the regenerative processes
  • Improves metabolism


World’s first mobile cryosauna, 2003.

It was not possible to construct a mobile unit with multi-person cryochamber back in 2003 and the possibility to place a single person cryosauna cabin on a car base and create a   cryotherapeutic mobile unit with single-person cryosauna placemen appeared.

The idea of  installation a cryosauna into truck (mobile unit as we know it today) arose with the first cryosauna Krion. It was a private order from a Latvian businessman and in spring 2003 Krion R&D developed and presented the first mobile cryosauna.

Customer from Riga planned to use cryotherapeutic mobile unit for self-treatment and advertisement of cold procedures (Whole body Cryotherapy).

The specific mode of setup and maintenance in mobile construction required cryosauna modifications. Krion specialists strengthened bearing and frame constructions of cryosauna and developed types of fastening to body bottom. As a mounting body customer provided a truck that was used by moto racer before.

Automotive body consisted of two parts: dwelling unit and bike transportation/repair unit. Mobile Cryosauna was installed in repair unit and the dwelling part was redesigned for patients as a locker room. Cryotherapy sessions were performed stationary as the cabin was connected to the electrical transmission network.

Moble Cryosauna Krion requires low power so it was suggested to increase electric autonomy of complex by generator. However, practice has shown that procedure are made when complex is in stationary mode and that there is always a possibility to connect electricity .

That was the first cryotherapeutic parlour in the world. “Cabin on wheels“ traveled 2000km from Riga, Latvia to Krakow, Poland . In 2004, during the journey, mobile unit demonstrated its’ efficiency and reliability in different road conditions.


  • new pro
  • Krion supplies private and team mobile units. Picture 2/15: Krion supplies private and team mobile units.
  • The Federal Medical and Biological Agency's mobile medical units. Picture 3/15: The Federal Medical and Biological Agency’s mobile medical units.
  • KRION Standard Picture 4/15: KRION Standard
  • These unique systems were used to medically assist Russian athletes at the 27th World Summer Universiade in Kazan and 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. Picture 5/15: These unique systems were used to medically assist Russian athletes at the 27th World Summer Universiade in Kazan and 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.
  • AG2R LA MONDIALE .Tour de France 2011 Picture 6/15: AG2R LA MONDIALE .Tour de France 2011
  • AG2R LA MONDIALE .Tour de France 2011 Picture 7/15: AG2R LA MONDIALE .Tour de France 2011
  • KRION Premium Picture 8/15: KRION Premium
  • KRION Premium Picture 9/15: KRION Premium
  • KRION Premium Picture 10/15: KRION Premium
  • KRION Premium Picture 11/15: KRION Premium
  • KRION Pro Picture 12/15: KRION Pro
  • KRION Pro Picture 13/15: KRION Pro
  • KRION Standard Picture 14/15: KRION Standard
  • KRION Standard Picture 15/15: KRION Standard