How to buy cryosauna Krion

All Krion cryosaunas are sold through authorized Krion resellers. You can request a quote from a Krion Partner in your area, or contact Krion Sales to get more information on cryosauna pricing or Krion cryosauna information.

Factory location makes it convenient to ship products, with trucks, train (containers), ship or plane to Finland, France, Spain, Germany, USA, Turkey, Slovakia, Korea, Israel, Poland, Latvia, Estonia etc. To discuss the shipping terms we can provide you with our agencies or you can choose any other transportation company.

After the payment for cryosauna Krion it will take 40 working days to ship the product to the destination point. By plane it takes minimum 3 days, price varies on destinations.

Additional benefits with purchase of the Krion cryosauna:

  • Optimum protection packaging;
  • Mounting –FREE. It takes just a day to install cryosauna on 2 square meters;
  • Personal training programs;
  • Support and tech service;

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