The goal of cryotherapy treatment is to offer you better health and a faster recovery from injury. These benefits start with the reduction of inflammation, pain relief, and improved mobility. KRION is the worldwide leader in development and production of the whole body cryotherapy equipment-cryosauna.

  • Cryosauna KRION operates at extremely cold temperatures (from -130°C to -190°C;  -166 F to -310 F) Picture 1/1: Cryosauna KRION operates at extremely cold temperatures (from -130°C to -190°C; -166 F to -310 F)

KRION was established in 1992. The Company was founded by researchers of Saint Petersburg Institute of Refrigeration and Biotechnologies. The goal of founders was to apply the results of scientific investigations in cryogenic physiotherapy in medical practice and develop cryogenic equipment for whole-body cryotherapy.

The scientific research in this field was held by A. Baranov and published in his PhD thesis in 1991.

Cryosauna KRION (also known as cryochamber, cryocabin or cryopod) is an innovative healthcare & beauty care equipment for treatment with extreme cold temperatures (from -130°C to -190°C ) targeting medical, rehabilitation centers ,beauty salons, spa, wellness and fitness centers.

The highest quality of our products has been approved by Russian and European certifications.

The first cryosauna KRION was manufactured in 1994. It was tested in sanatorium of Gelendzhik, RF. Next probation was held in sanatorium “Komarovo”, Saint Petersburg, and cryotherapy became a regular session in medical treatment (5-10 patients a day) in government recreation facilities.

The final step in scientific research was the manufacturing of the head pattern of KAEKT-01 “KRION” in the hospital No. 32, in Saint-Petersburg. In 1998 Krion started to supply Department of Pulmonary and in 1999 clinical tests of cryosauna KRION were held in three more hospitals of Saint Petersburg.

In 2000 our product was registered in the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation under official name “Aerocryotherapeutical complex for hypothermic stimulation and thermoregulation system training KAEKT-01 “KRION”.

Cryosauna Krion has been on market more than 20 years now and today we work with leading sports facilities and fitness centers, spa and beauty salons, medical rehabilitation centers in Russia, Japan, France, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain  and more than 30 countries all around the world.

Krion developers keep working on cryosauna technologies and cryotherapy clinic use researches in order to contribute to its development. They apply the latest technologies and offer safe treatment for many patients and most effective cryotherapy procedure.